Have ever wanted to be able display the tickets you have collected over the years?  Are you tired of your collection being in a binder, bag or drawer and they cannot be seen every day? I have your solution.  This is a handmade shadow box for displaying your beloved concert tickets.  It measures 24 inches square and 1 3/4 inches deep.  It has a glass pane to protect the tickets and it is made to be able to remove the pane if you want to change the or add to the tickets you are displaying. It can be made out any type of wood you would like it to be and can be stained or painted to match your current furnishings in your home.  If there is a specific color or type of wood you want, please let me know.If you have any questions,  please do not hesitate to ask.  I am also looking into other designs and characters.The tickets pictured are not included with the purchase.

Dave Matthews Band Display Shadowbox