My woodworking journey started in 2016 as I was looking for a way to display all of the pins I have collected from Disney over the years.  I wanted to design an "adult" way to display my vast collection and I came up with the version of the shadowbox you see listed in the couple pictures on the home page and more in my store.

As I have been creating these shadowboxes I have been branching out into more of the woodworking field.  My knowledge has grown a lot over the past year and I have used it to create new and exciting things.  I have started making cutting boards, charcuterie boards, tables, and firepit covers.  

I am always looking for new projects to work on and create.  It is extremely exciting knowing that something you have created is being enjoyed by countless other people in their homes.


Please click on the contact link and email me any ideas you may have and we can create something together!!  

P as I am about Disney.